CrOsS Edelweiss

aka Lori a.k.a Cross

  • I live in Philippines!!
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Ruler of ALIEN Universe
  • I am A crazy Alien who got Jams who is a fan of Kpop and anime xD
  • CrOsS Edelweiss


    April 26, 2015 by CrOsS Edelweiss


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  • CrOsS Edelweiss

    Ice Cream Cake (English and Romanized Lyrics

    Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala

    It’s a sunny and relaxing holiday I’m wearing my pretty, white dress I left the house while humming Lalalalala Lalalala

    You’re looking at me, staring at me The moment I captivated your heart My trembling voice is like drums in your heart The twinkling sound of a bell rings

    Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala Lalalala Lalalalala

    Please give me that sweet taste, ice cream cake With a flavor that fits this special day The ice cream that’s on my mouth Makes your heart pound and you’ll come to me It’s so tasty come and chase me, I can’t hold it in I scream, You scream Gimme that, Gimme that Ice Cream

    Oh Vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top I’ll show you different …

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